The Lowell Institute School
The Lowell Institute School

The Lowell Institute School

Experience a new kind of education that changes lives—and futures.

The Lowell Institute School is the premier institution for you to finish your bachelor's in science, technology, or engineering. If you have at least two years of college credit or an associate's degree, push yourself to finish it here.

Science, Technology, & Engineering

Science, Technology, & Engineering

  • These are the jobs in high demand right now. There are 2.5 entry-level jobs available for every bachelor's graduate in these fields. That's more than double for other fields.
  • Average salaries for entry level science and technology jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree are 26% higher than positions in other fields.
  • Bachelor’s degree holders earn 48% more over the course of their careers, than those who finish some college.
  • Our approach to experiential learning puts real-world experience right in the classroom.
    • Our signature co-op program lets you solve real problems, in the field, even while you're still in school.
    • "Test the waters" in your field in a co-op assignment or internship and gain professional experience and a competitive advantage in the job market.

Our Programs

Support for Every Step

Support for Every Step

  • A dedicated academic adviser works with you throughout your studies—helping you learn, to plan a career, all the way through graduation.
  • Ongoing academic advising will help you stay on track with your educational and career goals, and take advantage of the wide range of resources we have to offer.
  • Financial aid specialists help you find the resources, including scholarships, to complete your undergraduate degree.
  • Dedicated faculty range from career academics to industry professionals. They bring both scholastic rigor and real-world experience to the classroom.

Student Support

Then & Now

A Shared Vision and Commitment

  • Since 1898, Northeastern University has been educating its graduates for career and life success. Our degrees have always been industry-aligned.
  • And the Lowell family, in founding the Lowell Institute School in 1903, committed to increasing knowledge and practical skills, opening new careers and building economic stability for families.
  • Now, the Lowell Institute School at Northeastern University carries that vision forward, giving talented men and women a unique chance to complete their bachelor’s degrees in science, technology and engineering.
  • The Lowell Institute School is part of Northeastern University College of Professional Studies with more than 50 years of experience aligning higher education with professional aspirations.
  • We care about readying the new student for the new economy. Your education makes an even bigger difference when your degree holds the Northeastern University name.

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