Doctor of Education

We prepare experienced professionals to make a real difference in the places they live and work. Our online curriculum empowers doctoral students all over the world to pursue the issues they’re passionate about and bring meaningful change to their communities, without having to leave them.

Learning research skills for
the real world

Our students come from diverse disciplines and professions seeking more than just a degree. They’re gaining a practical education that translates to their everyday environment.

In three to four years of study, students learn to apply advanced research principles to real-life problems they face in their own organizations.

The program includes:

  • Two years of online coursework in one of three concentrations
  • A face-to-face learning experience at one of our campuses in Boston, MA, Charlotte, NC or Seattle, WA
  • Doctoral thesis that examines a compelling educational challenge

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Applying innovative, scholarly approaches to effect change


EdD Alumna Sheila Harrity receives one of the most prestigious awards in education—Principal of the Year.
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What motivates faculty to teach online? Michael Hoffman asks in his award-winning dissertation.
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Jane Lohmann describes the research practitioner model

Professor Jane Lohmann explains how the scholar-practitioner model drives the EdD program.
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Learn to put powerful research tools to work in your organization. Design a doctoral thesis to pursue a burning question you’ve encountered in your field.

Students develop a plan of study that applies to their own experience. While they come from different backgrounds and locations, our doctoral students are all striving to enact change in society — actively working to solve today’s most demanding educational challenges.



Connecting with Other Professionals to Foster New Ideas

More than 900 students across the globe share their experiences in education…


Joan Burkhardt

I was challenged to explore contemporary issues in education from multiple perspectives and consider “outside-the-box” approaches to solve problems. I was supported by a community of seasoned, passionate educators and was encouraged to take risks as I traversed the bridge from student to scholar-practitioner.


Gil Pereg

As the founder and CEO of Darca high school network in Israel, I often reflect on the insights and knowledge I have gained in my years of research at Northeastern University. The driving idea behind the founding of Darca network was to strengthen the schools in Israel’s geo-social periphery and support them on their way to becoming high-quality institutions.


Pamela Gustafson-Pruitt

It was inspiring to engage in meaningful dialogue with other professionals from central administration positions, to deans, to student affairs specialists, to heads of finance, to faculty administrators, to department chairs, and others.


Gina Kahn

I chose this program because it provided the convenience of an online program, a varied menu of course selection, and the individualized attention and interaction of a more traditional course of study.


Ian Schimmel

My classmates were wonderful and it was great to work with such a variety of people from diverse backgrounds, locations, and experiences. I have been surprised about how easy it was to connect with people in the online format and now have several close friends who I have shared many classes and successes with.