When to Apply

As an international applicant there are important deadlines you must meet in order to begin classes during your desired term. Choose your program, decide in which term you want to start your courses, and follow the application process timeline below applicable to your current international status. 

Note: The deadlines below are for international applicants who will be studying in the U.S. on a student visa. For more information on determining your status and requesting an I-20, please visit our Visa Information page here.

Graduate Quarter International Deadlines

Term Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017 Winter 2018
Application Complete:
Out-of-Country Deadline
2/13/17 5/8/17 7/24/17 11/13/17
Application Complete:
In-Country Deadline
3/6/17 6/5/17 8/21/17 12/11/17
Enrollment Confirmation Deadline: Out of Country  2/20/17 5/15/17 7/28/17 11/17/17
Enrollment Confirmation Deadline: In Country  3/13/17 6/12/17 8/25/17 12/15/17
Initial I-20 Request Deadline 2/27/17 5/22/17  7/31/17 11/20/17
Transfer I-20 Request Deadline 3/20/17 6/19/17 8/28/17 12/18/17
Graduate Term Start Dates 4/10/17 7/10/17 9/18/17 1/8/18


Undergraduate Semester International Deadlines

Term Fall 2017 Spring 2018
Application Complete: Out-of-Country Deadline 7/11/17 11/13/17 
Application Complete: In-Country Deadline 8/8/17  12/11/17 
Enrollment Confirmation Deadline : Out of Country  7/14/17  11/17/17 
Enrollment Confirmation Deadline : In Country  8/11/17  12/15/17 
Initial I-20 Request Deadline 7/18/17  11/20/17 
Transfer I-20 Request Deadline 8/15/17  12/18/17 
Undergraduate Term Start Dates 9/5/17 1/8/18 


*The Master of Science in Project ManagementMaster of Science in Regulatory AffairsMaster of Science in Global Studies, Master of Science in Corporate and Organizational Communication, and Master of Science in Leadership are the only programs that meet F1 visa requirements for full-time study during the summer term. International students who wish to study full-time on an F1 visa are not eligible to begin classes in other graduate or undergraduate programs during the summer term.

**No I-20 requests can be made prior to being accepted into a degree program. Please do not send I-20 materials with your application materials. All I-20 related documents must be submitted electronically through myOGS, which is only accessible after admitted students have activated their myNEU account. More information on the visa process can be found here.

By following the suggested timelines linked below,  you should easily meet all requirements to begin classes during the term of your choice.

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